"Phineas and Ferb, Rockin´ and Rollin´" (2013)

-Año: 2013
-Intérprete: Varios
-Tamaño: 50,80 MB
-Formato: MP3

Lista de Canciones
01 Platypus Walk-Swampy and the Marsh
02 Real Boy- Norm the Robot
03 Football X7-Robbie Wyckoff
04 Big Honkin´ Hole in my Heart-Baljeet & Buford
05 Let´s Spend Half a Day-Kate Pierson
06 The Way of the Platypus-Rick Cowling
07 Isabella´s Birthday Song-Isabella
08 We are the Moms-Jen Hirsch
09 What is This Thing?-Fee Waybill
10 Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz-Aaron Daniel Jacob
11 Ferb Latin-Phineas and Friends
12 Evil for Extra Credit-Carl
13 Extraordinary-Candace
14 Funhouse-Aaron Daniel Jacob
15 I´m Me-Vanessa
16 I´m Handsome-Dr.Doofenshmirtz
17 Livin´ wtih Monkeys-Candace
18 Just the Two of Us-Danny Jacob
19 Runnin´ from Love (in a Bear Suit)-Robbie Wyckoff
20 Waggle Dance-Ginger and the Fireside Girls
21 Dance Baby-Aaron Daniel Jacob
22 Feelin´Super-Ian Osborne
23 My Evil Buddies and Me-Danny Jacob
24 Izzy´s Got the Frizzies-Carmen Carter
25 Quirky Work Song-Danny Jacob

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