"Phineas and Ferb, Across the First and Second Dimenssion" (2011)

-Año: 2011
-Intérprete: Varios
-Tamaño: 55,30 MB
-Formato: MP3

Lista de Canciones
01 Everything is Better With Perry-Robbie Wyckoff
02 Perfect Day-Danny Jacob
03 Hey Ferb-Phineas
04 Brand New Best Friend-Dr.Doofenshmirtz and Dr.Doofenshmirtz
05 You´re Going Down-Candace
06 Whatcha Doing´?-Isabella
07 Summer (Where do we Beggin?)-Phineas
08 Perry the Platypus (Extended Version)-Randy Crenshaw
09 Takin´ Care of Things-Danny Jacob and Dan Povenmine
10 Not Knowing Where You´re Going-Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
11 Brand New Reality-Robbie Wyckoff
12 There´s a Platypus Controlling me-Dr-Doofenshmirtz
13 Mysterious Force-Candace
14 My Ride From Outer Space-Danny Jacob
15 Come Home Perry-Phineas and Candace
16 Back in Gimmelsthump-Dr.Doofenshmirtz
17 When you Levitate-Carmen Carter
18 You´re not Ferb-Danny Jacob
19 Robot Riot-Love Händel
20 Rollercoaster-Phineas
21 Carpe Diem-Phineas
22 Kick up a Notch-Phineas, Ferb and Slash


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